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1. Steve Rogers is not just some dumb soldier who follows orders, he thinks outside the box and asks questions and considers consequences.

2. Peggy Carter had plans to eat that boy alive before he became a delicious roast beefcake in Howard Stark’s hottie machine. 

3. I don’t understand people who didn’t enjoy this movie. 

 Esquire: What makes a good frontman?

Turner: “Certainly, in this day and age, a sense of humour. Because it’s pretty ridiculous. In 1969, there probably weren’t many laughs in rock’n’roll. But then they were probably funny people. They had a sense of humour, they just didn’t use it. Not to name-drop, but we bumped into Robert Plant last night and he’s hilarious. Just funny, straight away. [These days] I think if you start taking it too seriously, which I’m, like, sometimes definitely in danger of doing… then it gets ugly.”

☺: You are cute
♚: You are beautiful
ღ: I have a crush on you
✯: I am too shy to talk to you
♥: I love you
유 ♥ 웃: I want to date you
∞: want to be your boyfriend/girlfriend
☼: wish we were friends
₪: I think you are a wonderful person
$: You’re awesome
♦: I love your blog
☻: I wish we were close
•: You inspire me
✂: post photo of yourself
♠: share 5 favourite songs
✖: something you hate
♣: something you love
ϟ: ask anything

Anonymous said: 14 27 29 38 56 84 86

14. Erm no not really sure what ur on about
27. A Freind that live kinda far away
29.ralf Lauren
38. Doubt it
56. Maybe all depends on how they feel as well relationships need to work both ways
84. Of course one persons enough and well just being a cunt if u do cheat
86. Thought about it definitely and maybe

Bored as fuck

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